This project aims to achieve two goals: the creation of papers to be published in high-impact journals in economics and the support to PhD thesis.

See here for the list of papers resulting from this project.

The following PhD thesis were carried out with the support of this project:

  • Andrés Gago (September 2019), CEMFI. Director: Guillermo Caruana. Title: “Three Essays on Idiosyncratic Preferences”.
  • Laurie Ciaramella (December 2017), Université de Recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres, Mines ParisTech (Francia), Ecole Doctorale Economie, Organisation, Société. Co-directors: Catalina Martínez (CSIC-IPP) y Yann Ménière (Mines ParisTech). Title: “Trade and Relocation of Intellectual Property: essays on the Markets for  Patents”.
  • Jin Huang (June 2017), CEMFI. Co-directors: Guillermo Caruana and Gerard Llobet. Title: “Essays on Information Acquisition”.