The PRODECON-CM Conference on Innovation and Industrial Organization was held on November 30 and December 1, 2017. The objective was to combine the presentation of preliminary findings of this project and presentation from international experts on the topics of this project.

A video of the conference can be found here.

Venue: Centro de Física “Miguel A. Catalán” (CSIC). Calle de Serrano, 121. Madrid  [map]

Registration: Participation is free (subject to room capacity) but you are encouraged to register here.


November 30

15:30-17:30. Session 1: Patents

The Diffusion of New Institutions: Evidence from Renaissance Venice’s Patent System” by Alberto Galasso (University of Toronto), co-authored with Stephano Comino (University of Udine) and Clara Graziano (University of Udine).

Discussant: Eduardo Melero (UC3M).

“The Impact of IP Regime Changes on the Quality and Commercialization of University Patents in Europe” by Catalina Martínez (IPP-CSIC), co-authored with Valerio Sterzi (University of Bordeaux).

Discussant: Marco Giarratana (IE).

17:30-18:00. Coffee Break

18:00-20:00. Session 2: Search and Product Design

Beliefs and Consumer Search in a Vertical Industry” by Sandro Shelegia (UPF), co-authored with Maarten Janssen (University of Vienna).

Discussant: Natalia Fabra (UC3M)

Targeted Product Design: Locating inside the Salop circle” by Guillermo Caruana (CEMFI), co-authored with Vicente Cuñat (LSE) and Heski Bar-Isaac (University of Toronto).

Discussant: Ángel López (UAB)

20:30-22:30. Conference Dinner 

December 1

9:30- 11:30. Session 3: Telecommunications

From Network Neutrality to Data Neutrality: A Techno-Economic Framework and Research Agenda” by Jan Kraemer (Universität Passau), co-authored with Robert Easley (University of Notre Dame) and Hong Guo (University of Notre Dame).

Discussant: Begoña García Mariñoso (CNMC).

Models for individual adoption of eCommerce, eBanking and eGovernment in Spain by Teodosio Pérez-Amaral (UCM), co-authored with Teresa Garín-Muñoz (UNED), Rafael López (UCM), Iñigo Herguera (ICAE and UCM) and Angel Valarezo (ICAE and UCM).

Discussant: Raquel Carrasco (UC3M).

11:30-12:00. Coffee Break

12:00-14:00. Session 4: Innovation and Standards

“R&D Incentives in Two-Sided Markets” by Jay Pil Choi (Michigan State University), co-authored with Doh-Shin Jeon (Toulouse School of Economics).

Discussant: Juanjo Ganuza (UPF).

The Inverse Cournot Effect in Royalty Negotiations with Complementary Patents” by Gerard Llobet (CEMFI), co-authored with Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon).

Discussant: Marco Celentani (UC3M)