• John Walsh, Professor of the School of Public Policy at Georgia State University, presented his work “How innovative are innovators? A multidimensional perspective ” in the conference “¿Cómo medir la innovación y su impacto?” in May 2017.
  • Heski Bar-Isaac, Associate professor at the Rotman School of Management, taught at CEMFI a three-day course in March 2017 on Search and Online Reputation.
  • Paula Stephan, Andrew Young School of Policy professor at Georgia State University, presented her work “The Bias Against Novelty: A Cautionary Tale for Users of Bibliometric Indicators” on November 2017.
  • Jacques Mairesse, President of the for the Scientific Orientation of OST-HCERES, presented his work “Examining the Results of the Investments in Science: A Case Study” on January 2018.
  • Peter Van Den Besselaar, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, presented his work “Funding and evaluation ecologies and their effect on perfomance: some macro and some micro considerations” on November 2018.