PhD theses

The following PhD theses were carried out with the support of this project:

  • Tatiana Rosá (September 2020), cemfi. Director: Gerard Llobet. Title: “Essays on strategic games applied to technology development and retirement”.
  • Angel Valarezo Unda (November 2019), UCM. Director: Teodosio Pérez Amaral. Title: “Quantitative models of adoption and use of information and communication technologies in Spain”
  • Andrés Gago (September 2019), cemfi. Director: Guillermo Caruana. Title: “Three Essays on Idiosyncratic Preferences”.
  • Álvaro Remesal (2018), cemfi. Director: Javier Suárez. Title: “Essays on executive compensation and corporate governance”.
  • Laurie Ciaramella (December 2017), Université de Recherche Paris Sciences et Lettres, Mines ParisTech (Francia), Ecole Doctorale Economie, Organisation, Société. Co-directors: Catalina Martínez (CSIC-IPP) y Yann Ménière (Mines ParisTech). Title: “Trade and Relocation of Intellectual Property: essays on the Markets for  Patents”.
  • Jin Huang (June 2017), cemfi. Co-directors: Guillermo Caruana and Gerard Llobet. Title: “Essays on Information Acquisition”.